How Can I Contact the Irish Embassy in New Delhi?

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The Irish Embassy provides a range of consular services to its citizens in India. This includes conducting visa interviews, providing embassy attestation and helping people with immigration matters.

Contact the Embassy

The Irish Embassy in New Delhi runs an inclusive range of consular services to local, Irish and international citizens. It represents one of 165 consular and diplomatic representations of Ireland abroad.

The embassy can be contacted by visiting its official website or calling the following numbers. The embassy also offers an impressive range of passport services.

In addition to the above, the embassy also offers a range of legal services including: visa advice and processing; immigration assistance; and foreign legal aid. The embassy also offers an innovative passport online application service and has a large and well-stocked library of Irish law books.

The embassy is a complex organization with many departments and offices. The best way to navigate the complexities is by following a few simple guidelines. In the end, you will be rewarded with a pleasant experience and a lasting impression of your visit to Ireland. The embassy has an award-winning staff who are ready to help you with your travel needs.

Consular Services

The Irish Embassy offers a range of consular services to Irish citizens living in the United States. This includes passport renewal, attestation of documents and emergency certificates.

The Embassy also helps travelers who need help to get to Ireland. The primary purposes of travel by Irish nationals include tourism, education and employment.

If you need a visa to enter Ireland, you must apply for one before you leave your country of origin. You can apply for a visa online.

You must also bring your passport and other documents to border control when you arrive in Ireland. These documents must show that you have a valid reason to enter Ireland, such as business or family.

If you are refused entry to Ireland, you may be able to appeal the decision at no cost. This will be a case-by-case process and takes some time to process.

Emergency Consular Assistance

If you’re an Irish citizen traveling abroad, the Embassy can provide emergency consular assistance. This includes help with a lost passport, providing an emergency travel document, or helping you return home after a medical emergency.

A Consul can also offer moral support and practical advice in the event of a criminal offence or arrest. They can recommend English speaking lawyers, arrange the transfer of funds, and assist with repatriation if necessary.

The Consul will also try to contact your relatives and friends back home. They can also provide information on the local criminal justice process, victim compensation programmes and help with getting your passport replaced.

If a member of your family has died in the last year, the Embassy can also provide assistance. They can liaise with relatives, the authorities and undertakers or cremators, as applicable. They can also provide details of the Kevin Bell Repatriation Trust, a charity that helps families whose loved ones die abroad.

Travel Advice

The Irish Embassy offers travel advice for Irish citizens who are visiting abroad. They can also help you in an emergency situation.

The embassy also provides information on how to protect yourself against theft, scams and other safety issues. In addition, they provide travel tips to avoid illness and infections while you are overseas.

Vaccinations are recommended for all travellers to Ireland. They include the COVID-19 vaccine and other vaccines that are specific to the destination you are visiting.

In March, the Irish government lifted most domestic Covid-19 restrictions. You no longer need to show proof of vaccination or a negative PCR test result, but you must still follow the Health Service Executive’s guidance regarding isolation and take antigen or PCR tests as appropriate.

If you are planning to visit Ireland, sign up for the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP). This will alert you when the Department of State updates its travel advice and make it easier to find you in an emergency.

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